Signature strengths

Who I am and who I am not as a designer


Not me

Outside of work

If I’m not working on solving problems or tinkering in Figma, I’m probably doing something music-adjacent. I’ve played guitar for the better part of 15 years, and can fake my way around just about any fretted plectrum instrument. (sitar and banjo not included — those dang drone strings get me every time)

I also love browsing my local record stores and catching live music at local venues. Few things inspire me more than watching a local band give their absolute best to a room of less than 200 people.

Recently, I started a newsletter to share music I’m into with other folks, and dig in to why I’m into what I’m sharing. One of my favorite kinds of people are “friendly nerds”. I want to be the internet’s “friendly music nerd”.

I’m a modest home chef, and enjoy doing most of the cooking for my wife and I. She’d probably tell you that you have to join us for a burger night. (I make a mean smash burger and know more than I should about regional burger culture and the history of the American hamburger.)

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